Fewer sows in 14 EU Member States

Livestock census results in sows in 14 EU countries: - 0.6%

So far, the EU livestock census results carried out in the months of May/June 2015 could be evaluated for 14 EU Member States. With more than 85% of the total EU population were recorded.

At the total number of pigs has been an increase of 1.8% over the previous year found. A large part of these animals will be marketed in the remaining year of rest.

The number of sows is interesting because a relief of the EU market on the supply side essentially depends on a lower number of piglets.

The total sow numbers have declined in 14 countries are just - 0,6% or 71,000 sows, a substantial proportion of the withdrawal have with Poland - 61,000 and Germany with - 56,000 sows. Breeding livestock to - 27,000 units were withdrawn in Belgiën. In all three countries, it is assumed that the production was discontinued in smaller sows stands for economic reasons.

These declining developments inventory increases particularly in Spain with + 55,000 animals opposite. Denmark also has more housed 6,000 sows.

If you just average performance figures, approximately 1.4 million piglets are missing as a result of lower numbers of sows involved on an annual basis.  A possible increase in productivity of piglets per sow and year is the opposite.  

To replace the missing pig, which would have to average remaining sows an increase of approximately 0.12 piglet ever Sau will be achieved. Given the achieved level of performance that's in full but not to create, but a settlement of considerable size can be assumed.

It follows that manageable development later in only a moderate discharge the EU pigmeat market comes from the supply side.

The evaluation of the numbers for the pregnant sows come to similar results.

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