Pig exports of the Netherlands are falling

High point of Dutch pig exports exceeded?

Shift Dutch pig farms on the environment more favourable piglet production has resulted to rising surpluses of piglets in the past which have been exported to the EU internal market.

In Denmark , the similar factors were effective. However the Danish pig exports has risen even until recent times and achieve the growth rates of previous years are scope of rd 11 million animals in the course of the year 2015 in the Netherlands however past. An upper limit has been reached with the year 2010 of approximately 6 million pig exports, which has been exceeded since then not again. In the last 1.5 years until the recent time a decline of Dutch pig exports is emerging.

With approximately 55 to 60% export share went the Dutch pig supplies in the border locations in Germany. Transport cost advantage and a strong mast space backlog in Germany are crucial reasons. Previous exports play still a child importance to Spain, because Spain is even sufficiently supplied.

Exports to Poland have increased in the years 2010 to 2012, initially, but then again removed under the competitive pressure of Danish pig exports to Poland.  Part of small but steady deliveries remain after Hungary Romania, Croatia and Italy.  

Recognizable pig export decline in Holland is that the significant decrease of exports after Germany. Also in this case, the competitive pressure from the Danish export offer plays a role, the growing saturation of the German market of piglets should be crucial, because the pole barn construction not outweighed the task of old stables for several years. Increasing environmental regulations and lack economy are brake factors decide.

The recent dramatic price decline both as Piglet area should a further structural adjustment effect contribute in the fattening. The European trading scheme piglets will receive not the momentum of earlier years. It is a period of consolidation.

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