The pig factor limiting pig market Europe

German pig imports have reached a saturation limit

In the period from 2005 to 2012 , German pig imports have risen from two neighbouring countries Denmark and Netherlands from 5 million to approximately 11 million units per year. Driving factor was the strong German fattening capacity, while at the same time keeping sows in Germany decreased significantly.  The last impetus to keep sows, less came of the regulation position. Many businesses with small stocks have stopped producing piglets for efficiency reasons.

Held at the same time performance of sows due to the spread of the fertile Danzucht has led to a rising medium-term piglets offer. The result was a significant drop in prices, which moved a considerable number of pig producers to adjust the production in conjunction with partly high feed costs.

The declining productivity and an incipient stagnation of pig exports from the neighbouring countriesn changed the pig market by an ample in a rather scarce supply situation. The mast space overhang in Germany requires a piglet import of 11 million animals annually. The supplier countries have their capacity limits reached. Stagnant for 3 years the imports from Holland and Denmark towards Germany. The German import dependency leads more stable piglet prices when compared to susceptible swine prices.

Be replaced by Germany's other EU countries with a pig deficit. This includes in particular Poland, which sow housing is uncompetitive because of the predominantly small-scale structures. In the year 2014, Denmark provides only 3.5 million and the Netherlands to Poland more 2 million pigs. The other trend is rising.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the significantly increased competition for scarce piglets in Northern Europe has and will continue to increase. However limits there, where is the pig on the verge of production. Then, occasionally mast seats remain empty. In this approach, one should keep the market place Europe as a whole in mind. Regional and local views access to short!

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