Pig import demand of in Germany at the saturation limit

Stagnant pig imports from Holland and Denmark

Purchases from the Netherlands and Denmark Germany piglet rd. 11 million per year. This corresponds to approximately 20% of German pigs. The Netherlands contribute almost 7 million young animals to about 4 million, and Denmark.

Is 2012 the German pig imports but remain stagnant. This is the larger part bordering the piglets need of the fatteners, smaller part of a slightly growing domestic production reached saturation.

Holland is to determine that the whole pig export for several years no increase in more. Sows stocks in the Netherlands have reached their capacity limits, are largely determined by environmental conditions.  In addition to Germany, more destinations of Dutch piglets are some Central and Eastern European countries, Poland, Croatia and Italy.

In contrast, Denmark increases its pig exports to approximately 0.5 to 1 million units annually. The additional Danish deliveries go Hungary primarily to Poland with approximately 3.5 million animals per year, but also in other Central and Eastern European countries with a deficit of piglets, such as E.g. Romania. Denmark pig reached though the limits of pollution, but the pig production in favour of environmentally friendly pig production is reduced.

The currently unfavorable price situation on the pork market has been also producing piglets suffer. Pig prices have eased on a broad front. Therefore, it is to account for the season with a structural improvements in pork production. Less powerful - mostly minor - piglet generations are affected the most. Usually the sow stalls are not covered by other owners, as it often is to watch at fattening stables.   

For Germany is findingthat it's a pig subsidy area. In such regions, prices are always higher than in surplus areas. In the event of an unfavourable price ranges the surplus regions burdened be most price pressure, unless there are other competitive advantages in production engineering and on the cost side.

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