Recipient countries of Danish pig exports

Denmark 2015 approximately 10.8 million exports  Piglet for the 2nd consecutive year Denmark 10.8 million piglets exported to other EU Member States. Even annual increases of around 1 million units were observed in the previous years.  Stagnant number of sows in Denmark, a first phase of stagnation could have occurred.

Approximately 60% of Danish pig exports and approximately 6.5 million animals are delivered to Germany. However, no increase is observed more in recent years.  The demand for Danish piglets appears to have experienced a glut in Germany long time.

However, increased pig exports to Poland by approximately 2.5 to 4.5 million pieces . The reason is the decreasing sow housing in Poland, which is mainly uncompetitive in small herds. 80% of Polish sows are less than 50 animals in flocks. In the pig industry, larger mast units have arisen, however, including Danish capital using, requiring large parts of the pig. Denmark is available for delivery.

The wide path from Denmark in the North to Italy in the South is not an insurmountable obstacle to Danish piglets in the increasing deficit country Italy. Here too, the sow housing is reduced. The magnitude is approximately 0.5 million piglets per year.

Though Holland even has a piglet surplus of 6 million animals, certain Danish Pig breeds in the Netherlands are exported. Among them include the bacon pigs produced in Holland for the English market.

The other destination countries such as Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania u.a remove importance.  

The Dutch pig exports stagnate for more than 5 years. It is not to exclude that Denmark follow the Dutch example.  The capacity of the country seems to push boundaries.

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