Rising imports of piglets Poland

Poland imported more than 25% of its piglets.

The Polish pig farming has considerably lost after accession to the EU production quantities. The previous pork surplus area has turned into a net importer.

A particular focus of the change can be observed in the sow housing. The small-scale pig farms in Poland with more than 80% of sows in stock under 50 animals is no match for the today's requirements of competitiveness in terms of group size and profitability.

The increased requirements of regulation sows attitude have not can meet growing businesses. The still existing self catering business goes back more and more part of the generation change. On the other hand large mast units be part of deep-pocketed investors funded, which require large amounts of pig parts in one fell swoop.

A total of were in the years 2014 rd. 5.25 million piglets and young pigs imported.

The lion's share of foreign pig supplies comes with 3.3 million piglets from Denmark. The importers are often fattening farms, whose Kapital is originally from Denmark. The Danish Ferkelherkünfte have doubled in the last 4 years.  Piglet quantities from Denmark to Germany remain relatively constant at a level of 6.3 million animals now. The increasing amounts go primarily to Poland.

Far 's second largest supplier of piglets is Holland with approximately 410,000 piglets in the year 2014. The Dutch share has increased but barely.

Germany provides approximately 315,000 piglets after Polandfrom border regions of excess. There are also still young pigs and heavy livestock. Germany itself is a net importer of piglets. Therefore, a greater development of deliveries is not expected to.

Piglets imported to Poland came from the border of the Baltic countries on a scale from about 40,000 to 80,000 depending on the performance of the three countries.

The rapid increase of Polish imports of piglets will be that given the weak economy in pig farms in the course of this year temporarily not further continued , but for years to come, further increases the structural change are cannot be ruled out.

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