Bio-fuel producers feel cheated by the EU Commission

Europe's biofuel manufacturer announced today that the halving of the Pflanzenbasierten bio treibstoffs proposed by the EU was % bend of the previous policy a 100 by 2030. If the proposal is implemented so that jobs are at risk and the import of crude oil would rise sharply.
In a reform proposal to the energy market, the Commission had proposed that the use of plant-based biofuel of first-generation from 7% to 3.8% of the total demand to fall in the year 2021.
The bio-fuel producers feel betrayed, by the Commission, because she disregarded all investments that have been made in reliance on the EU's policy, said the General Secretary of ePure, a group of ethanol producers in Europe.
ePure estimates that since 2003, when the EU began its bio-fuel policies, 16 billion euros were invested in equipment for the production of organic feed materials. Policymakers wanted to primarily reduce the CO2 emissions in the transport sector and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. There are however more and more critics who condemn the land use and the use of food for fuel.
Biodiesel produced from rapeseed in the EU in the first place, the implementation of the present plan would reduce the production of protein-rich rapeseed shot which limits the huge protein deficit in the EU as a valuable cattle feed.
The exclusion of the first generation biofuels would also cause more fossil fuels must be imported if the second generation biofuels are not available. Some manufacturers refer to the Commission's proposal as death sentence of many investors.
The proposal is however still not far enough environmentalists. It means that further increasing the traffic cars and trucks consume at least as much palm oil and food-based fuels in 2030, as it is today.
Total biofuels 2014 had a market share of 4.9% in the EU.
The proposal must be accepted by the national parliaments and the European Parliament. Also, he does not distinguish between ethanol and biodiesel production. Furthermore, the national parliaments themselves can determine.

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