Canada's canola meal exports to China at 5-year high

Canadian canola meal exports to China has increased to its highest level for five years. Good strike wages of the mills have attached after a difficult harvest time producer prices.
In the period from January to August 2016 Canada has 415,000 tons of rapeseed meal valued at 132.1 million C$ delivered to China, this is the largest amount since 2011. in the previous year, even no Canadian canola meal was delivered to China.
The Chinese trade supervisory authority had authorized several Canadian mills as suppliers. From the oilseed rape are cooking oil and canola meal produced competing with Palm oil and soybean meal as a protein-rich livestock feed.
In Canada, the demand for rapeseed is increased, since the operators of the oil mills expand their capacity. It is looking for alternative markets because there is a very high dependence on the United States.
Strong global demand increases the margin of oil mills and the income of Canadian farmers who struggled in the autumn to bring the year's harvest, since there were early snowfall after crushing.
Last week, Canadian mills bespeak strike wages, which were twice as high as a year ago. The better demand for canola meal from China is the result of the successful conclusion of the trade between China and Canada, after in September after a months-long dispute over the quality of rapeseed deliveries came about.
Beijing had imposed also punitive duties in September against DDGs supplies from the United States, which was previously used in large quantities as cheap animal feed additive. The rapeseed meal also benefited. DDGs is a by-product from corn-based ethanol production. The United States had delivered 1.96 million tonnes of DDGs in the value of $ 402.5 million to China August 2016.
During the difficult negotiations between Canada and China, there was no rape meal deliveries. In the spot market, brokers believe that good rapeseed meal demand from China will continue at least until June 2017. In China, the need for feed for aquaculture is growing as is the growth of the pig for environmental reasons to its limits.

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