China wants to increase until 2020 crop yields by 10%

China wants to increase its grain production up to 10% by 2020. The consumption of fertilisers and plant protection products should not be extended but, as agriculture to an environmentally friendly sector is to be converted.
To ensure a personal supply of basic foodstuffs, want China, the most populous country in the world, the agriculture in the new five-year plan is a top priority. At the same time, the Government because of massive environmental impact is under pressure on the land. The 13th five-year plan for the economic development of rural regions, published by the national development and Reform Commission describes how the grain production is to be increased from currently 500 million tons to 550 million tons. The use of fertilisers and pesticides should therefore until 2020 to be compared. Plastic foils for forced crop production must be recycled in the future.
China consumes about one-third of all global fertilizer; in recent years the use of increased even significantly, because fruit and vegetables was expanded. The excessive use led to water pollution and high contamination of the soil with heavy metals and high loads of poison in the food.
Environmental problems arise more and more frequently. Water and land resources are scarce. In some regions, the earning power of the soil decreases already.
Beijing had prompted recently the banks to make their harvest financing of environmental regulations. In addition, the mechanization should increase the efficiency of the agricultural sector. In addition, the cultivation of bio products to increase value added.
Large agricultural corporations will be encouraged to make foreign investments to safeguard the food supply. The arable land should remain with 1.87 billion mu, or equivalent 124 million hectares. The land is counteracted by development.

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