China's pig fatteners make less profit

In anticipation of the new year Festival in late January, the Chinese pig fatteners have little joy. While they have produced for the highest requirements in the year, producer prices are falling and rising feed costs.
After pork prices rose to a record level in June, there was a surge of meat imports, which lowered the prices in China by 10%. In the meantime are the prices for soybean meal in the stronghold of the Chinese pig farm in Sichuan on a 2 ½ figurine - high grown as much Mäster added to their holdings to be equipped for the high demand for the new year feast.
Before of the expected demand binge to the new year celebrations, which, after all, accounts for up to a quarter of the annual demand, the profits of the fatteners have halved. Food scandals and austerity of the household limit hunger after the Chinese favorite meat. Sheep and poultry increase competition. Before the hottest season for the meat industry consumer demand increases more slowly after pig, as usual.
In Sichuan, where 10% of Chinese pig production takes place, the profits have reduced since may by 45% to 650 yuan per pig. At that time achieved the highest prices since 2009. In the coming year, experts expect only with 300 to 400 yuan per pig, which is still more than in an average of recent years. Money was made in 2016 and 2017 we write losses, so the fear of Sauenhalters in the Eastern Province of Shandong.
In the two months before the Chinese new year, 140 million pigs are slaughtered in China. These are 20% of the annual slaughter. The price of pork in China listed currently on converted to €3.85 / kg, and thus to the lowest level this year. Shortly before the time of slaughter, the feed costs are highest. On average, a Porker is 90 kg in weight. Feed (50% soybean meal and 50% corn) valued at over five billion euros are used. Because the demand in winter and stocks to 363.5000 tonnes of soybean meal last declined to the lowest level for three years. The fatteners we avoid partly already on other feed components sorghum and DDGs or rape seed.
China, analysts expect that pork prices remain in the new year under pressure, because the offer increases in meat and the imports have increased.
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