Corn, sun and wheat: Ukraine wants more world market shares

Ukraine is aiming for higher grain and oilseed exports to China. There, consumer demand is rising and trade disputes with the US open up new export opportunities.
One of the top regions for grain and oilseeds on the Black Sea is looking for a greater presence on the world market. Competitors are the USA and Europe.
In 2017/18, Russia replaced the US as the largest exporter. Ukraine and Kazakhstan have also exported more wheat, corn and sunflower seed.
For Ukraine, the Chinese market is of great importance, according to a representative of the Ukrainian Grain Federation. The country is aiming for 55-65 million tons of grain exports in three to five years, currently 45 million tons.
Other grain and oilseed surplus regions, such as Brazil, Russia and Ukraine, also want to increase their world market share and see a great opportunity in the trade dispute between China and the US.
China needs more feed grain such as barley and millet to replace US supplies.
China bought US $ 12 billion worth of US soybeans last year, giving the country a good trump against the US.The high tariffs for US beans meanwhile also limit China's ability to import protein-rich feed and thus fatten their herds of pigs. Feed is becoming more expensive in China.
Ukraine produces 4,6 million hectares of corn and 6,5 million hectares of sunflower as well as 2 million hectares of soybeans. All of this is very profitable for Ukraine and therefore the area under cultivation will be further expanded. Each of the products could get 10% more acreage. This could be at the expense of wheat acreage, which currently stands at 6.5 million hectares. Yields can also increase in Ukraine.
Currently 4 tonnes of wheat / hectare are harvested, compared to an average of 8 tonnes in the EU. Corn yields 6 tons / hectare in Ukraine, 12 tons in Iowa. So there is still room for improvement ....
Currently, 70% of the wheat harvest is in Ukraine, but there were quality problems due to rain and you have more feed grain. But there is enough for the export.

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