EU sugar production drops significantly

In 2019, sugar production in the European Union will decrease significantly as farmers choose other crops due to poor revenues this year. This is reported by distributors from the annual Sugar Industry Seminar (ISO) in London.
Sugar beet is no longer as attractive to farmers in the EU as it used to be.
The ISO estimates EU sugar production at 17.9 million tonnes in the 2018/19 season. In the previous season it was still 19.7 million tons. For the season 20019/20 the association has not yet estimated.
Typically, farmers sow a few more hectares to make sure they can meet their contractual obligations to sugar factories, even if the weather is not as good. But these surpluses will barely exist in the coming year.
Sugar beets have been the most successful in crop rotation for a long time. That will probably change now. Already in 2017, the farmers in this country had grown 7% less sugar beet and that could now continue even further.According to experts, it is necessary to reduce sugar production in the EU by 20% in order to restore reasonable prices.
A ban in the EU on neonicotinoids, an insecticide that is also harmful to bees, could also reduce sugar production by up to 50%. In 2017, the EU abolished sugar quotas, allowing farmers to grow as many sugar beets as they want for the first time since 2006. The European Union believes that this market liberalization can enhance its role as a major sugar exporter. However, sugar has been produced worldwide the last time in more than a decade. This triggered a crisis in the industry in the EU.
From the perspective of the sugar industry, this is a disaster. There are already voices calling for a return to the old sugar market regime.

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