Euronext offers first fertilizer future

The Euronext Paris has launched its first futures contract on fertilizer on 14 November. This is a 30-ton contract on ammonium nitrate-urea solution with 30% N.
The contract developers set their offer on the existing clientele, which is already wheat, rapeseed and Maisfutures at the most important European agricultural derivatives exchange in Paris, as well as on the entire value chain of the fertilizer industry.
Are the specifications of the new futures:
Quantity and goods: 30 tons of nitrogen fertilizers consisting of urea and ammonium nitrate in accordance with the EU Regulation No 2003/2003 of the European Parliament No 1907/2006, annex II.
Quality: 30% N are composed of urea (urea) 15%, 7.5% Ammoniumhaltigem N and 7.5% nitric N.
Packing: Bulk in tank
Delivery months: March, June, September, November, so getting 10 months of delivery available.
Base price: Euros and euro cents per metric ton in the delivery warehouse in Rouen, France, for the transport by truck, railway wagon "for picking up ready".
Tick size: 25 euro cents per tonne (€7.5)
Last trading day: the 10 calendar days prior to the delivery month or the trading day before it, if it is a holiday.
Day of the announcement of a delivery: the first trading day after the last trading day before 10:30 Paris time.
Delivery period: The physical delivery takes place on the 6th business day following the last trading day until the end of the delivery period. (=_> last working day of the specified month.
Trading hours: 10:45-18:30 Paris time
Clearing: The billing is via LCH S.A.
Wholesale advantages: Against actuals, exchange for swaps

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