Export of EU wheat so far unexpectedly successful

The weakness of the euro and a good demand of importers such as Algeria shall ensure that the lower surpluses from the EU flow well. Exchange rates and logistical challenges limit the competition with the United States and Russia.
Wheat exports from the EU will be seen well over the entire marketing period a quarter less, as France took a fatal small crop, which is difficult even with regard to the quality. In 2015/16, the EU cereals crop was, however, huge and high quality. Thus, the EU was the world's largest wheat exporter. Because of the reputation of the EU wheat exports this season as much as humanly possible.
Previously, exports from the EU were measured by the poor French harvest, yet unexpectedly good. It arises the question, how this will continue or whether the offers stay out soon.
Also deliveries from Romania and Great Britain were helpful for the high export volumes from 1 July until the end of December. Until the end of the year exports were higher than for the same date in the year before that.
British wheat has benefited from the decline of the British pound sterling after the Brexit vote. Thus, Algeria demand could be served, otherwise buy in France. Romania profited from the fact that Egypt returned to the customary conditions of purchase.
Until end of 2016 was also the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar. Since the beginning of the year, the rate of the Community currency has strengthened but again. Previously, the weakness of the euro had improved the competitiveness of German wheat but, so that Germany now more Weizenexportierte than the previous champion of the EU of France. In addition to Germany, also Poland and the Baltic States are well placed in this season for exporting wheat.
Experts expect that exports via the German ports are very extensively run Hamburg and Rostock from January to March. It was sold at Algeria and Saudi Arabia, among others. Also the third country exports from France are better than had been expected, the export forecasts have been raised already.
The EU has currently less aggressive competitors, because Russia's Ruble rate has attached itself and also the US dollar is quite strong. Russia has commonly known as logistical problems with the weather conditions in the Black Sea region in winter.
The competition with Argentinean wheat buyers in North Africa have not confirmed so far also still. The dealer then deliver rather to Asia and Brazil.
Nevertheless, wheat exports from the EU should subside soon. Russia will strive despite the logistical challenges, to market its high surpluses international, because the upcoming crop promises to be very large.

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