Limit the truck load undermines China's marketing support programs

The nationwide limit of truck capacity is being blamed for the recent surge of in corn prices in China. This now meant engage again cheaper feed such as sorghum from the United States or barley from Australia.
Stricter checks of truck overloads in September, to avoid serious accidents and damage to roads, were the reason for a lower sales of corn, which is usually transported from the growing regions in northern China in the consumer regions and the Südes of Empire by truck. Since early October, consumer prices in China to 16% increased although the Government industry decided some subsidies for the corn processing end in Beijing. In addition, wet weather delayed the last harvest.
That led to an unexpected demand for grain from abroad, considered the replacement of corn in the feed rations. U.S. sorghum costs 1,600 yuan, or $ 240 USD/to franko southern Chinese ports of unloading loading. Corn from domestic production Shenzhen, however, cost 2,040 yuan and feed barley from Australia franko only 1,500 yuan per tonne.
End of October Chinese buyers ordered 20 ships U.S. sorghum with over 1 million tonnes, which should arrive by February 2017. For the year 2016/17 the import of sorghum will be results in significantly smaller than in the previous marketing year, such spontaneous rise had but no one expected because China's corn harvest was record breaking big. Also at least three ships with barley from Australia to China are on the way and there is more demand, so grain brokerage in Singapore.
China is the largest importer of sorghum and the second largest importer of feed barley worldwide.
After China virtually abolished its cereals intervention this year, because the State reserves with 250 million tons already exceeds the consumption of a whole year, taken various measures to increase domestic demand. Now, the Government in Beijing wants to provide more transport capacity.

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