Major victory for the U.S. bio-energy industry

The US Government has today set their final conditions for the use of bio-fuels for the coming year. Energy companies must therefore increase the use of renewable energy in the fuels sold in the country. This decision is welcomed by the manufacturers of bio-diesel and ethanol.
The environmental protection agency (EPA) set her goal for the total consumption of renewable energies for the year 2017 19,28 billion gallons. Included are 15 billion of gallons of conventional biofuels, which comes almost exclusively from corn produced ethanol. Also 4.28 billion gallons of biofuels of the second generation from biomass of various other raw materials.
Today's decision clearly exceeds the recommendation were requested by may of this year as 18.8 billion gallons and also the 18.11 billion gallons, that must be added to this year. Although many had expected an increase in the amount of today's decision is clearly higher than expected.
The EPA sets the goals for a mandatory blend of standardized fuels. The program started under President George W. Bush and to reduce greenhouse emissions, reduce dependence on energy imports and promoting the rural regions economically. Since then, the energy companies were obliged every year mixed in with higher amounts.
For the year 2018 has a mandate, which provided for a production volume of 2.1 billion gallons.
The increase to 15 billion gallons from conventional production is a great success for the ethanol industry in the United States; Last year you had to fight Congress, that an increase in skin than was allowed to be carried out. The bio-energy industry rejoices in the today's decision and hailing it harsh criticism from the oil industry. The share prices of energy companies caved in after the today's decisions.

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