Net positions of institutional investors (CFTC)

Institutional investors reduced their holdings of long positions at the CBoT SRW wheat during the week of the 14.07 21.07 to 6.546 contracts. They increased their short positions to 5.270 contracts at the same time. 20.605 net long positions keeps the Group of institutional investors via 21.07.15 at the SRW wheat. In the previous week, there were 32.421 net long positions.
Corn increased the long positions to 40.716 contracts. At the same time, the short positions to 36.202 contracts has been reduced. Thus, the Net long positions to 76.918 contracts increased to 279.665 contracts.
The soy bean funds increased their holdings of long positions to 1.789 lots and reduced the number of short positions to 3.326 slots at the same time. In sum, the Net long positions were increased lots to 90.219 lots to 5.115.
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