Ukraine strengthens GMO controls

Ukraine, the third largest grain exporter in the world, is planning stricter tests for genetic modified organisms (GMO). Especially in soybeans there is need for action.
In the Ukraine, it is not prohibited to grow GMO crops, cultivation requires but an official approval from the State food safety and consumer protection service. But yet no applications have been made. This means that a product manufactured with GMO from the traffic must be considered.
This risk now obviously products that were made from soy beans. Such products are already ausfgetaucht in online trading. This is a problem, for the supervision because in 2016, already four million tons were grown in Ukraine due to more favourable weather conditions soybeans, in 2009, there were only one million tons.
By the year 2020, the Black Sea country plans the expansion of loading capacities for grains and oilseeds in the ports then 157 million tons; Currently, there are 58.5 million tons. 36 further plants are planned in the next four years. Most of the soybean crop is exported. Last year, there were 60% from a 3.9-million-ton harvest. Buyers were mainly Turkey, Egypt, of Iran, of Lebanon, and Greece.
In addition the Ukraine exported to Russia feed containing the soybeans. The import has Russia but banned on the grounds, it contain its CMO.
If a such accusation at a concrete delivery to the room, the goods will be seized once and examines the origin. Should the accusation confirmed as true, the goods will be destroyed. This is why features recognizable you can the authority on strict compliance with the statutory provisions. The current logistics chain mountains large risks of mixing. It's not only about the consumer but also the law-abiding producers to protect.

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