Ukraine wants to keep his high volume of grain exports

The Ukraine would like to keep its grain export volume at at least the same high level as the economic year rising now to end. Favorable weather and an expanded area, despite the armed conflict with Russia, establish good conditions, said the Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Oleksiy Pavlenko today compared to the Reuters news service.
The Ukraine could be harvested 60 million tonnes of grain, of which at least 34 million tons in exports could go almost as much as in the record year. In 2014 the Ukrainian crop was 63.8 million tons and of previously good 33 million tons were exported. They are composed as follows: 10.9 million tons of wheat, 4.5 million tons of barley and corn 17.7 million. Wheat end stocks remain still high with 11 million tonnes. In 2015/16 it is planned a wheat export to the tune of 12.7 million tons, 2.5 million tons of barley and 18.2 million tonnes of maize.
This year we have more wheat, but less corn, due to the high end stocks possible deficits be compensated so that remains the export at the same high level. The Ukraine plan no export restrictions, said the Minister. In cooperation with the trade, an assessment of the quantities of exported was taken, which give high planning security for both sides through a memorandum.
Within the framework of a $1.5 billion loan, which has received the Ukraine in 2012 by China, you wanted at least two million tons of corn supply for interest and amortization. 600,000 tons are been delivered this year by the State trading company GPZKU. Private exporters are encouraged to supply to China.

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