U.S. agricultural associations are up in arms against trumps exit from TPP

President trumps decision to abandon the trans-Pacific free trade agreement TPP, brings new affliction for agriculture already under pressure of the United States, which increasingly depends on exports.
Agricultural lobbyists have expressed their disappointment about how of the new Government in Washington and prompted Trump quickly to revive trade with Asia. On Monday, Donald Trump announced the end of the TPP agreement negotiated under Barak Obama among 12 Nations.
Trump won his election in November with 2/3 of the votes from the rural areas like Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio and Indiana. The TPP agreement should strengthen the dominance of the US economy in the Pacific region, but was not voted in Congress. Trump is of the opinion that the result would damage the US labour market.
The Association of the U.S. soybean trader is disappointed due to the withdrawal of the United States, as TPP would ensure the oilseed sales to Asia over the years. Soybean exports were a bright spot for the struggling agricultural sector and even for the entire U.S. economy in recent years. US oilseeds are bought mainly by China.
In the Q3 / 2016 increased soybean exports by more than 10% and thus the most important US agricultural product in the last two years. Overall, the United States are net exporters of agricultural goods and deliveries to the eleven other nations involved in the TPP agreement, had a value of us $ 61.735 billion in 2015.
Now, Trump will negotiate agreements with individual partner countries. These negotiations should but go on for years. The representatives of agriculture associations fear now that China benefited from the withdrawal of the United States. China was not in the TPP. Should the United States is now sidelined remain, including the exports of feed are likely to suffer. Australia and New Zealand announced yesterday that China now should be involved in the TPP agreement.

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