Wheat: catastrophic yields in Germany and Scandinavia

Agricultural market analyst Strategy Grains has once again lowered its estimate of EU wheat harvest. The drought in northern Europe has led to "catastrophic returns" in Germany and Scandinavia.
In today's report, analysts now expect only EU wheat production of 127.7 million tonnes. A month ago, the forecast was still at 132.4 million tons, an up-date at the end of July then showed just under 130 million tons.
Now production in the EU is estimated to be 10% smaller than in the previous year.
Dryness and heat waves since last spring have withered the crops. Fear of supply shortages drove the futures market prices for wheat on the Paris Matif to a five-year high.
The estimate of the EU barley harvest has also been lowered once again. Namely, at 57.1 million tonnes, ie 2.5 million tonnes below the July estimate. That's 2% less than the actual 2017 harvest.
The yields in Poland and the Baltic countries are also very bad, you can also call these catastrophic, as well as those in Germany and Scandinavia. In addition, harvests in France, Italy, the UK and other countries in central and south-eastern Europe are also disappointing.
The grain qualities are mixed with decent grades of winter barley but very different qualities in spring barley, where extraordinarily high protein levels are found.
In Romania and Bulgaria, much feed-grade wheat was salvaged because it was raining there during the harvest. In Germany and Poland, however, the specific weight of wheat and the Hagberg numbers are very high. Both key figures are important for the quality of the milling wheat.
For the corn harvest, which is mostly harvested in the fall, Strategy Grains increased its harvest forecast by 700,000 tons to 61.3 million tons compared to the previous month. That's a 3% increase over the 2017 harvest.
Higher yields in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy and Spain only partially offset the heat and drought plagued cereal crops in Germany, Poland, France and the Czech Republic.

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