Brazil's soy 2014/15 exports.

Brazil expects higher earnings--more exports large soybean crop 2014/15 - larger acreage-

In a special report of the USDA, the associated Foreign Office investigated the perspectives of the soya market in Brazil 2014/15.

Launched in sowing late September has already begun under favorable rainfall conditions. The area is 31.5 million hectares estimated about 4% greater than in the previous year. The income trend values just below 3 tonnes / ha classified. New GMO varieties of Bayer, Monsanto and pioneer to deliver higher yields. Prefers precocious varieties with 90 to 95 days duration of vegetation that are possible in the Feb.-15 can be winnowed to safely grow afterward maize as a second fruit and harvest.

The upcoming crop is estimated at 94 to 96 million tonnes in the first months of the year 2015. The result of the previous year amounted to 86 million tonnes.

The domestic consumption is placed just above little changed 40 million tonnes. A significant stimulus to consumption comes from the bio-diesel sector with expected growth of 16%. Background is the State-imposed higher mandatory from 1 October 2014.

For livestock consumption growth is little seen. Reasons are weak economic development and high prices indicates that capping the demand for animal protein. The Russian demand help limited to meat.

Rising production in limited rising domestic consumption leads to the consequence of rising export estimated at 49 million tonnes (previous year 46 million tonnes). Despite falling prices of soy exports are to China and due to the weak Brazilian currency assert themselves in the competition expected 15% rise.

It is hoped that support for a low friction export is due to the expansion of export ports with a streamlined logistics system, which ships running the trucks on demand in accordance with conducts. Current waiting time from 2 to 14 days at the trucks and 60 to 120 days for the ships in the main season are to be avoided. Transport and handling costs from the production area of Mato Grosso to ocean-going vessels in the amount of 150 to €250 per t more than offset favorable production costs compared to the United States.

A new route of Mato Grosso with small barges via Amazon-side and main rivers, with around 1,500 to 2,000 km length to save up to 30% of transport costs in the Inland .

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