COCERAL: EU 2015 low rapeseed crop

Coceral: June estimate the EU rapeseed harvest rate boost on the stock exchanges

In the latest monthly edition of the umbrella organisation of the European grain and oilseed trader the EU rapeseed crop is used by 2015/16 again deeper. The entire production is now on 3rd 21.4 million tonnes mark appreciated. In the previous year was that are crucial for the lower result the crop at 24.1 million t. 3 dt / ha lower yields and a smaller acreage.

The largest crop losses are in Germany . T expected compared to the previous year from 6.26 million tonnes are for the current year only 5,06 million . A smaller area and for a low to almost 6.5 dt / ha yield per hectare are the decisive factors.

This year will be France on 1st place in cultivation and harvesting of rape. But here too the harvest with is 5.2 million  t as the previous year's crop with 5.5 million tonnes.

The latest news from France speak of first threshing unsatisfactory and a new heat wave with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. Whether it remains in the estimation, is still open.

Poland's rapeseed crop is of 3.2 million tonnes to 2.85 million tonnes downgraded. For larger acreage, the weak earnings expectations pull the harvest results.  

Fall in UK is rapeseed harvest by around 9% to 2.26 million tonnes . Reduced acreage and lower yields equally lead to this result.

Faced with a heavy percentage setback to Romania with a reduction of over 20%. However moving the harvest volume just about 0.875 million tonnes.

The crop risks of this year have not all been overcome. The predicted drought could contribute to earnings in the next 2 weeks less water sustainable sites.

The rape rates continue their briefly interrupted upward trend. In Paris, the price controls the €390 per t brand.  However, the euro plays a role due to the pointed problem of Greece in this case. A euro currency $0.1 to euros could change rapeseed prices rose €35 per t.

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