EIA: crude oil balance by 2015 - follow for agricultural raw materials

Crude oil balance 2015: The rapid downward trend of the crude oil price concerns agricultural commodities in the years 2004 to 2010 were close relations between the alternative as a basis for the bio energy in construction energy were crude and selected agricultural commodities. Brazilian sugar goes half way in the production of bioethanol. South American soybean oil is processed into biodiesel and such T exported. US corn goes to one-third in the Bioethanolfermenter. European rapeseed oil used to 60% for biodiesel. Palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia used increasingly in various importing countries as a basis for the production of biodiesel.  

As of 2010, the ratio is eased. Crude oil prices commuted in a range between 90 and $100 per barrel, while prices for agricultural commodities momentum developed in close relation to the annual supply situation. Policy objectives to build up an alternative bio-energy rail pushed to their limits. The State subsidies were shut down heavily. The huge investment steps in its founding years ebbed significantly. The steep growth rates were in a period of consolidation, which was strongly influenced by the market.

The recent drop in crude oil prices held in a scale, which can more affect the prices for agricultural commodities. The duration of the low share price is crucial.

The US Agency for energy information (EIA) produced a forecast for the year 2015 . Then, generating significantly above the consumption should remain in the first half. The consistent result is an inventory build-up of in oil inventories, the upswing will only abate in the second half of.

It is this assessment should apply, with persistently low crude oil prices in the first part of the year 2015 to be expected. Petrol and diesel prices will be accordingly low. Bio-fuels are can not escape this development, so that small decreasing margin a decline in demand for the relevant agricultural raw materials is expected.

Low crude oil prices are however bring the economy back into swing and thus significantly boost demand for energy. At the end of the second half of the year, the crude oil surplus stocks should be again dismantled according to the EIA forecast. Thus, the weak price level only of temporary nature should be.

Because agricultural production cycles of years takes place, temporary negative price developments could keep up with their effects within limits.

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