Little modified oilseed area in the EU estimates European Commission

Only minor shifts in the EU acreage for oil seeds for the harvest of 2015/16

According to recent surveys, the EU Commission for the territory of the European Union estimates approximately 11.8 million hectares of oilseed some 1.3% more than in the previous year, but approximately at the same level as 2 years ago.

The rape seed with almost unchanged 6.7 million hectares, or approximately 58% portion claimed the largest share. 2nd the sunflower seeds with also an unchanged 4.4 million hectares or 37% portion. The remaining surfaces divided soya beans linseed and about 0.5 million ha.  

The results include some surprises, because due to problems in Northern Germany and the United Kingdom with the rape seed sowing significantly greater reductions in areas were anticipated.  

Overall a clear stagnation suggests for the oilseed cultivation in the EU over the last 5 years. In previous years, a steady increase in the size of an average annual had been observed less than 3%. Behind it is the use of vegetable oils for biodiesel, its admixture upper limit has been reached.

The cultivation of sunflowers as a summer fruit in the southern and South-Eastern European countries is subject to strong fluctuations, depending on how the Dewinterizing damage one year fall out. The sunflower is a welcome substitute fruit as compared to the more advanced corn cultivation under continental conditions of the South-Eastern European States with very cold winters and hot summers.

The low soybean areas are mainly in Romania, to find parts of Northern Italy and Spain. The low yield potential of soybean has a chance of only where alternative fruits of less powerful are. Supporting the property acts as nitrogen, because fertilizer expenses can be significantly reduced in this way. The double use of oil and protein supplier in the import-dependent EU makes the soybeans also attractive. On the most profitable sites however, the more powerful cereals dominate despite higher production costs. There may can't keep soybean in the competition for the space.

The cultivation of flax seed is extremely under-performing locations of importance. The extraction of linseed oil with its specific effect properties for industrial purposes stands in the foreground.  The processing of the fibre for the production of linen cloth stands in the background.

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