Palm oil prices again on Valley drive - high inventories

Print high stocks of palm oil on the course

The palm oil sector is the second leader in the area of oilseeds in addition to soy. 90% of the production takes place in Malaysia and Indonesia. Local stock markets worldwide provide the orientation for the prices of the other vegetable oils. Thus, the soybean market through the soybean oil is influenced with.  Canola prices are particularly sensitive on the palm oil prices because canola seed is strongly ölwert emphasized.

The palm oil prices saw a steep downturn by almost 22% since the beginning of the year 2014. A valley floor was achieved for the first time in September 2014. However, the barrel at a low level of violent fluctuations were marked. Late October the courses under the impression of a declining production took a strong, but only temporary upward trend despite the unusual price rises in the soy market, palm oil prices indicate a further falling tendency. The explanation for the contradiction is that the soy boom is essentially determined by the less than soy meal side. However, the market for vegetable oils is rather characterized by a good supply situation.  Because Palm oil has a significant share.

Usually will be highlight of the annual palm oil production in October one year achieved. Declining rainfall in the aftermath lead to restricted growth of the crops. In the current year, not the full extent of the production potential has been achieved due to the drought. However, the declined exports so muchhave that it has come to a further inventory build-up. The stock level has grown about the size of a whole generation of year.

The result of the exceptionally high oil stocks is constant price pressure. Additional supply volumes of the soybean oil come with the expected supply increases in the soybean sector. The market for vegetable oils is better than average and will remain also in foreseeable time.

Rape rates in this country are therefore low prospects for a significant price appreciation potential. In the spring months, the usual RAPS storage seems to be little promising against the background of the soy and palm oil market.

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