Scarce Rapsverorgung, but capped rates

World's scarce supply of canola 2015/16

In contrast to almost all other oilseeds is in the canola sector a significant shortage. After all matching estimator results, the global rape harvest by more than 4.5 million tonnes to only 67.2 million tonnes to fall back. In the past two years, over 71 million tonnes were harvested.

The production decline is due to the two main wine-growing area in the EU-28 world and Canada , more than 50% of the canola market control. The other countries to be achieved less than average harvests.

The production decline in the EU is both a reduction in areas as due to reductions in yield per hectare. The reduced acreage was caused also by the prohibition of the use of Neonicotinoids.  Ordered surfaces were that often had to be reversed on alternate fruits the insect feeding unless damaged.

Contributed little favorable weather in many parts of Europe has the lower yields . In the 4 most important EU growing areas France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland the harvests were smaller % to 15 to 20.

In Canada, the vast summer rape growing under a spring drought, which have led to the total loss in some Canadian provinces suffered from.  Rainfall in the aftermath have contributed to an improvement of crops. The Canadian harvest lags considerably behind earlier results.

Canada sends about 55% of its rapeseed crop in the export. Measured in world trade, Canada has a market share of over 62%.

In contrast, the EU-28 on imports is instructed. According to recent estimates, the imports should be at 2.5 million tonnes. The European problem consists in its strict GMO restrictions that prevent that from Canada, no significant imports of canola are possible. The EU must look around in Australia, Ukraine and Belarus, to their false needs. In addition to transport costs, the weak euro exchange rate helps ensure that the imports are relatively expensive. Indirectly, that drives the domestic prices for rapeseed in the height.

However, cheap crude oil provides for a cap on the rates of rape. The prices for vegetable oils are now on a low level; This is true in 1. Line for the low-cost palm oil and other vegetable oils have eased in the price. If wants to keep up rape in competition with other oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, you are above limited despite the shortage of rape rape quotes after. This exploit every opportunity possible to explore the competition limit to the pain limits. Here, the euro exchange rate plays a role.

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