Triple drive of the prices of soy, but foreseeable limits

Plant population of U.S. soybeans less bonitiert - better weather prospects

The seed status report from last weekend (12 July 15) an average withdrawal in 18 States by 2 percentage points to 50% in the category of "good" and 12% in the category provided for soy beans "excellent". Compared to the previous year, the backlog is 4 percentage points.

In Missouri , the assessments with 29% "good" and 3% "Excellent" were particularly bad. Only 35% of "good" reached the soya stocks in the States of Indiana and Ohio . Illinois, Kansas and Mississippi were able only to values between 40 and 45% for the "good" category. Above-average results obtained Kansas with 62%, Minnesota and Louisiana with 64% each and North Dakota with 69%.

The soybeans are not yet in their yield decisive phase. The pod formation was observed in most federal States only in the early stages. Exceptions are Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.  

The heavy rains of the last few weeks, which have partially used the fields under water are the main cause of the weaker musters .

The soybean prices are driven right by 3 factors. The overlay stocks are withdrawn by the USDA to approximately 2 million tonnes compared to the previous month's estimate. The planned U.S. acreage be ordered only to 98%, because due to the delayed by rains the sowing dates have passed. The currently weaker stock assessments can expect lower Flächenerträge.

The weather forecast for the next few weeks look but something cheaper. That could benefit the U.S. soybean stocks with entry into the income decisive Blüh and pod formation phase.  

To high soybean prices in the United States drive the soya importers to South America. Argentina and Brasileine drove a record harvests, which are not yet marketed. That could dent the future courses of soy in the United States.

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