2015 fierce competition between EU and United States in the global pork trade

U.S. pork exports to retreat in favour of European suppliers

The world's largest exporter of pork the United States have fewer pork can export in the year 2014. The decline in the second half of the year is estimated at about 20%.

The fallen export volumes are due to multiple causes. This provides less export goods through the PEDv decreased volume of pork during the barbecue season in the summer of 2014. The competitiveness of the American provider worsened high pork prices in the United States with values up to €2 / kg compared to its competitors. There were considerable market shares in Japan, South Korea and Philippines lost. Sales to China/Hong Kong has decreased compared to 77%.

 Other export countries with a lower level of pig prices such as the EU28 have excised considerable parts of the trade pie. For the EU, the urgent need for a replacement export for the blocked deliveries was to Russia.

In recent times, even the change in exchange rates in the game comes. The comparison Weis strong dollar and weakness of the euro in the Gegenzuge exacerbated the competitive position at the expense of American exporters particularly in the Asian region.

Market experts expect that the constellation of currency parities in the course of the year 2015 will develop even further to the detriment of the United States . In particular the critical development of the euro in the context of the Greece debate will contribute to weak rates of the euro for the time being. A significant competitive advantage for the Europeans arises in connection with the EU low pork prices.

A glimmer of hope remains the U.S. pork sales to Mexico. The Mexican demand results from the local loss of piglets by PEDv pig plague.

Should be the pig disease in the United States less dramatically than in the previous year is a considerable pressure to be expected. The US have failed after the inventory to the date Dec. 1, 2014 to 4-5% higher pig. The battle weights remain highin the summer of 2014. The combination of high quantities with persistent Mastendgewichten will lead to a sharp increase in the amounts of pork . This should depress prices.

However, this yet the cold season with the special hazard must be survived through the pig disease. They are focusing on the months of February and March. who can exercise decisive influence.

Fierce competition in the global pork trade between the EU and the United States stands for the year 2015.

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