2015 pork prices remain depressed levels throughout the world

2015 unfavorable pig prices forecasts for the United States and the EU

In the pork market in the year 2015, a lot is different than in previous years.

  • Since missing the Russian import demand in the region of 750,000 worldwide, while still 20012 pork almost 1 million tons were delivered to Russia it will be 2015 just 0.2 million tonnes. It lacks the financial resources simply.
  • Facing a mountain of pork in the United States: in the US cold pork supplies 1 pile up, March + 16% compared to the 5-year average.
  • Running pig production in the United States to put % according to recent estimates to + 6, because more sows are kept, the piglets less than losses from and maintained the battle weights far above average.
  • The strong dollar affect the pork export. The United States will be displaced by the 1st as an exporter of the EU.
  • China as the world's largest pork producer who first filed a stopover. The Chinese sows herd was from 2014 increased 12%. Now, the hogs are missing.
  • China's pork imports will grow less strongly than previously assumed.
  • In the EU it remains looking for export opportunities, the failure of the supplies again betting make. The EU is favored by the weak euro.
  • Between the large exporting countries, strong price competition emerges.

Unusually low prices are the result of the constellation of this market. At the beginning of the year were the EU prices between 1.30 to €1.40 per kg. In the United States , the price level has slipped even deeper on 1.20 to € 1.30 / kg .

For the upcoming barbecue season , both regions expect a Preisauftrie(b), in the United States have its limits at approximately €1.55 / kg, and in the EU should remain just below the mark of €1.60 / kg.

Significant price reductions are forecast again for the last part of the year 2015 . Leaking BBQ season and persistently high slaughter numbers overwhelm the markets in both regions. Cheap sales missing Europeans to to evade the price pressure Russia and the Americans competitiveness due to their strong dollar exchange rate.

The plevel of rice of the year 2015 remains pigsfar behind the average of previous years. That rubs off on all production areas in the world.

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