2016 world less pork.

USDA: Global pork production goes back 2016 – sets out EU exports in its half-yearly report for the pork production at world level, the U.S. Department of agriculture USDA assumes that in the year 2016 that production to 1% or approximately 1 million tons. The largest share of the decline with over 1.4 million tons is expected in China. The below-average income improvements and increasing environmental requirements for the pig farmers are mentioned as reasons.  However, the sows figures topped off in the past by almost 20%, the Ferkel now missing are crucial.

In the second largest production area EU pigmeat production to just 120,000 tonnes or 0,5% shall be withdrawn.

In the the third-largest production region United States assuming, that will increase the amounts of pork to 1.9%, or approximately 200,000 tonnes. Slight increases are predicted for Brazil and Russia.

On the demand side , the Chinese pork consumption to approximately 1 million tonnes to give in to. Consumption increases are predicted for the United States, EU, Brazil and Russia.

The global pork export 2016 will grow to just under half a million tonnes.  The increase should benefit almost exclusively of the EU. Should alone by 7.6 Mt world trade from the EU 2.6 million tonnes of delivered and 2.36 million metric tons from the United States. This is not product weight figures to battle weight. Both countries together earn about two-thirds of world trade in pork.  

According to the estimates, the USDA will China in the year 2016 rd. 1.3 Mio.t pork import. But even Japan is with an import volume of 1.35 million tonnes at 1 point. While the Japanese imports stagnate for years China has doubled its import volumes in the last 5 years.

Unmodified 400,000 tonnes are to be delivered to Hong Kong . South Korea increased its imports to 610,000 tons. However, go back the supplies in the Philippines.

Almost 80% of Chinese imports now come from the EU. Overseas freight rates, low initial prices and a comparatively weaker euro exchange rate advantage the Europeans. The Chinese attach also importance to a high standard of hygiene, as well as refrain from using critical growth promoters. Yet, the North Americans in United States and Canada have mostly empty-handed.

However, the note should not miss that the value of exports to China are still comparatively low.

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