AFP in the stronghold of Russian pig

African swine fever in the stronghold of Russian pig - 27,000 pigs culled

It is rather rare that outbreaks of African swine fever in Russia in the media arrived. However, there are recent cases hard to conceal.

2 stable units of the second largest Russian agricultural company Cherkizovo (AFP) African swine fever have been identified at the end of 2014. The first stable unit concerned 9,100 gilts, which should soon be used for breeding.  A week later also the AFP was noted in the second plant with 18,000 pigs for fattening at 2.5 km distance. All animals were slaughtered.

The Orel and Voronezh regions are strongholds of the animal breeding of pigs and poultry in Russia. According to information of the local veterinary authorities, there is great risk of further outbreaks of the AFP. The biggest source of infection is attributed to the stocks of wild boar. Therefore, major efforts are undertaken to keep the wild boar population too small as possible.

Miratorg Cherkizovo is the second-largest Russian agricultural company. The vertically integrated corporations has about 140,000 hectares of arable land, distributed in 6 complexes in the European part of Russia are. 6 feed works process the grain and the other ingredients for pig and poultry farming.

In the poultry sector has Cherkizovo 11% of Russian poultry meat production and processing.

In the pig sector the market share is only 6%. Total 1,733 million in 14 complexes of pork produced in the year 2013.  6 slaughter and meat processing companies handle the meat to all possible pieces. The sale is carried out in 22 stores in 14 cities. Cherkizovo products should reach 80% of the Russian population.

Pigmeat production is predominantly organised in stable units of 4,800 sows with a capacity of 12,500 t live weight at slaughter pigs . Modern techniques used in the stables after European and American model. The animal material contains Danzucht genetics.

The modernization of Russian pig farming has been developed mostly in the aftermath of 2005. The African swine fever is the Russian pig industry facing strong challenges.

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