Again PEDv in the United States

Threatens the U.S. pig mounts a renewed epidemic of PEDv?

The danger of the spread of deadly diarrhea in piglets (PEDv) starts again at the beginning of the cold season in the United States. In winter 2013/14 this epidemic has about 15% of the pigs destroyed. Up to 300 new cases were recorded in the weekly reports in the tip.

With the warmer season , the number of weekly infested farms went back to the level of between 50 and 100 cases .

In the winter season 2014/15 the disease cases rose again, but were not the extent of the previous year with numbers between 100 and 150 plants per week . The comprehensive prevention measures for the immunization and prevention have done their effect.  However, still no reliable vaccine has been found.

Start of the current winter period after the summer low increasing numbers yet on low level slightly above 50 weekly cases have been back to watch. The pure suspected cases without subsequent confirmation has fallen almost to zero.

In the First week of December , however, the proven cases climbed back suddenly on more than 100 farms. Will be back with a larger spread in the cold season based on the experience of previous years. The virus is transmitted not only through contacts during transport, but also by air. Disinfection measures are less effective in the cold season. The immunized pigs stocks are again undermined by the guys outside supplement unless it has the remontierten animals had also experienced an immunization.

Meanwhile, a resistance breeding against the PEDv is undertaken. But it will take years until it came a large enough population for practical use.

A diarrhea epidemic spreading leads to collapses of the growing pig. A decimation of the pig numbers with effect on rising prices would have to go beyond 2013/14 over the size of the winter period, because the US herds have increased since this time by more than 8%. The current low rates and low productivity in the nursery may be but the economic doom for a number of farms.

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