Animal epidemic: poultry virus and African swine fever

Animal diseases threatening closer

With the onset of dangerous poultry virus H5 N8 into a Turkey operation near the town of Greifswald was attention again on the animal disease events. The infected plant was granted in the meantime completely. This resting place be regarded as probable introduction cause nearby bird trains. Other infections have not been found. The virus H5N8, could be dangerous may be for the people.   That meets not to for the of African swine fever virus. But the cause of this disease for pigs is all the more dangerous. In the perakuten form die the animals within 48 hours.

(ASP) African swine fever was detected for the first time this year (Jan/Feb) on Polish soil in two dead wild boar. As you know, Russia has perceived the opportunity to block all pork imports from the EU. In the meantime the import lock as a countermeasure in terms of conflict in Ukraine was newly established and expanded. Thus, the ASP problem came in the background.

In the meantime, the ASP Problem has worsened dramatically. The virus of the wild boar populations in all Baltic States has established itself widely and systematically by Poland and Russia out. The priority cases concern only the wild boars, but increasingly the pigs kept in backyards without big protections. Two major attitudes with more than 20,000 pigs have been culled already.

Up in the recent times (Nov. 5, 2014) the confirmed discoveries are piling up. The increasing intensity of the disease would be explainable with the foraging during the autumn. The accumulation of cases suggests that the virus is in the wild boar herds has set. A fight by vaccines is not possible. It remains of stocks, an endeavor that appears across impossible given the wild hiking across only the eradication.  

In addition to the high risk of infection in German pig the question arises after a border opening for EU pork to Russia in a completely different dimension. Even if an agreement in the conflict in Ukraine should be achieved in the foreseeable, is still the problem of African swine fever as reason for a continuation of the import barriers in the same or modified form.

Russia's interests are aligned for more than a decade on the self-sufficiency in the supply of pork . The current politically-related lock is a welcome opportunity to build your own pork industry with public support. It takes years of experience. Should succeed in this time self-sufficiency actually, hardly any import demand.

The prevention of the spread of African swine fever remains a perennial problem. The recent finds in the Ukraine show how widespread the virus is already.

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