ASP - case with 60,000 dead pigs in Ukraine

Outbreak of African swine fever in the vicinity of Kiev, Ukraine

More than 60,000 pigs had to be slaughtered, when finally stood down on 28 July 2015, that 9 biggest Ukrainian pig farm "Kalita" (ASP) African swine fever had broken out in the.  The direct damage is estimated at $7 million. The company is not insured, because neither domestic nor foreign insurance companies were willing to take the risk.

The damage to the company goes further still. The quarantine period for animals extends over an entire year, before again animals out are can form. The ASP virus is very resistant and can be even after half a year as prove infectious.

For the Ukrainian economy increases the damage by the fact that the booming exports of pork to Russia are locked since the beginning of the year now. The exports concern after Russia rd.  93% of Ukrainian exports.

The Ukrainian Agriculture Ministry has a 2 million $ programme set up with various measures to combat African swine fever. However, doubts are loudly that the measures taken are sufficient to prevent the contagion - and transfer risks.

Possibly also the grain export of Ukraine affected could be considered, a spokesman for the Ministry of agriculture said.

The risk of Introduction of ASP after Germany is stronger than ever.

The virus is transmitted through animal contacts, infected meat and sausages as well as contaminated clothing, tools and vehicles. Most affected people are tourists, guest hunters, harvest and truck drivers from the infected regions. Motorway service stations with international traffic are particularly exposed to.

Infected pigs die usually within ten days. Clinical signs include high fever, feed refusal, respiratory problems, diarrhea, bluish discoloration of the skin, are fixed and abortifacient. There is not a vaccine.

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