Available worldwide just pork - except in EU and China

How come the necessary pork just?

So, the Rabobank in the latest edition of its half-year report 2014 headlines the key question in the United States, Mexico, Japan, South Korea. In these countries heavily affected by PEDv the supply of pork in the III and IV will be 2014 quarter tangibly close. Beef is also scarce and expensive. Are expected to record levels in pig prices in these countries long time even if the peak July/Aug already exceeded in the months.

For the countries concerned not by PEDv, the agricultural expert of the Rabobank sees at least an seasonal improvement of in rates. This also applies to Europe, without achieving the high price level of in other countries.

China is on track to recover, after sufficient sows were slaughtered from the low price situation. For the second half of 2014 is expected with increasing demand and limited import options to a significant improvement in the price situation 2014. Many small farmers in China to the final operational task has moved the high losses earlier this year. The offer throttling does provide relief until the year 2015 into it.

The EU is the only region that will be supplied with pork at average prices. It is hoped some support from the export to Asia. However, the Russian import lock prevents that a price far above the average level. The Russian border should be opened, a big price boost is expected.

High pork prices in conjunction with falling feed costs will lead to a high rate of return in the next few months. The experts of the Rabokank hope that the expansion readiness triggered as a result keeps worldwide within limits. Otherwise the shakeout is again in question.

However, it is assumed that influence the adverse effects as a result of PEDv until the year 2015.  

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