Center of gravity of the EU pork production

Focus shifts the EU pork production

The EU pork production is in the last decade with rd. still moderately increased by 3%.  But the average conceals significant changes between the individual EU Member States.

The absoliuten and percentage-based largest increase can chalk up Germany for himself. With almost 22% increase from 2003 to 2014 or + 1 million tonnes surplus generation in pork captured the partially marked losses in other Member States.

United Kingdom achieved a 20% increase in high relative values, but the absolute increase of 0.15 million tons lags far behind other regions. Also, the start year in a reconstruction phase 2002/03 was after the foot and mouth disease train.

Remarkable increases recorded Spain with almost 12% and approximately 0.4 million tonnes. However, the missing paragraph of Russia in a surplus area slows down in recent times.

Despite its environmental problems the Netherlands and Belgium with 9 or 8% have to submit to still have something. However, the absolute amounts with 0.1 million t fall but quite modest.

On the donor side falls heavily France-16% in weight. Also Denmark has set back considerably his less pork production with almost 10%.

Poland had can reach still increases at the start of its EU accession, but with every phase of its former role as a net exporter of increasingly adverse conditions of of profitability. The decrease of rd 7.5% corresponds to approximately 0.2 million tonnes pork.  

The Central and Eastern European candidate countries and some smaller Western EU States are mainly covered in the Group of the remaining EU pork production regions. The fall may with more than 10% in tonnage by more to convert 0.5 million.

If one then has the development of the last decade accounted for, the increase in Germany's nearly 1 million t and Spain with 0.4 Mio.t to main the declines in France and the rest of group with each 0.37 million t, Denmark and Poland with each rd. 0,165 million tonnes caught.  The EU net gain with 3% is in comparatively modest.

Look significantly less favourable growth opportunities for the future development. The export will lead back to Russia as a result of political, economic and financial problems, not to the old conditions. Rising Chinese imports are although strong in the volume, but weak in the impairment. The cut-throat competition between the different sites will play a large role. An increasing importance and play role in the livestock - environment issues. Germany is in a densely populated area with high political sensitivity of politics and society.  The future conditions will be close.

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