China's appetite for meat requires increasing imports

China's meat imports to rise - especially pork and beef

China's population is still growing with 1.4 billion people. Rising incomes in the growing middle and upper classes demand higher value products. The densely populated country with limited agricultural use areas and a growing critical water supply is less and less able to ensure the supply.

In the meat sector an growing import of pork has emerged in recent years, although China produces half of the world production with about 52 million tonnes of pork. 

In contrast, the poultry meat production and imports largely constant remained. The poultry diseases, their most dangerous Variante can be threatening for the people are the cause.

In earlier forecasts of food imports were developments often overestimated. The present study of the USDA has made significant corrections. However, the results are surprisingly high.

The entire meat imports by 65% to over 2.5 million tons is expected to increase in the next 10 years. The poultry meat imports rise to the calculations, from 350,000 to 460,000 tons (ready-to-cook weight) from the adjacent surplus countries.

The largest volume is expected in the pigmeat sector with currently about 0.85 million tonnes to 1.35 Mio.t in the year 2024. The figures are converted to battle weight (not products). If you however look at the recent annual growth rates, the result of the target year could be achieved in a much shorter time. The EU is a major supplier of less valuable parts of the pig.

With increasing income WINS also the expensive beef and veal consumption significance. Still in 2010, Chinese beef imports reached hardly appreciable quantities. 2014 are already 500,000 t has been introduced. Beef imports to rise continuously up to 750,000 tons by the year 2024.  The bulk of the deliveries come from the Indian beef export, with prices exceeding €3 per kg must be measured on the price of poultry meat as competitor.  For European or American beef, low sales opportunities exist for price reasons.

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