China's pork production in transition

China's pork market by 2015 - more imports are necessary

With approximately 55 million tonnes of pork, China produces about half of world production. Production and consumption by annual 1.5 to 2% have risen in the last 10 years. There was however, individual breaks through disease trains and frostbite.

A slight fall in production is expected for the year 2015 . In the preceding year were due to low profitability around 12% of the sows from increased. The pigs for fattening are missing this year 2015.

Grow the Chinese pork consumption is still around 0.5% . The false demand from its own production will be covered by increased imports. Compared with previous estimates imports should not reach 1 million tons to China, but only rd.  Yet imports of Hong Kong in a magnitude must 0.8 million t. added to be 0.36 million tonnes.

China's vast pork production is rd 50% in 10 priority regions instead. There are Hebei (4.5%), Shangdong (6%), Henan (10%), and Anhui Provinces in northeastern of China.  In South Central China, Sichuan stands with a production share of 12% at the forefront. The neighboring Hunan province reached approximately 8.5%. In the South, the provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi with each have a market share of just under 5.5% are involved in.

Unlike in Germany the pork production is flat wide spread. Cause is the missing or little pronounced a closed cold chain infrastructure and supra-regional transport.

The operating structures of the pig have changed considerably in the last 10 years. The so-called backyard attitudes up to a size of 50 pigs per stock is 75% in 2000 to less than 30% in 2015 compared to the number of pigs dropped. Applying the operating numbers, it is about 98% of pig-holding companies. In this size class of operating two-thirds of the pigs themselves being killed.

The stock size class with 50 to under 3,000 pigs per unit, which has now brought it to 60% share of the Chinese pig has greatly increased.   25% of the pigs are slaughtered in this category.

The formerly little major pig farming in flocks over 3,000 animals has grown to 15%. The proportion of the slaughter is only 5%.

The top 10 largest pig farms in China start at 18,000 sows up the largest merger of Wen's family farms Guangdong with 350,000 sows and corresponding mast, as well as marketing.

The organizational forms range from farms on more or less fixed mergers up to corporate entities.

International companies of the breeding stable construction, slaughter to the market are then welcome guests if know-how and a corresponding willingness of adaptation to local conditions will be brought.

Pork imports appears essentially only in the coastal cities, which supplied is not sufficient from the hinterland. Transport costs on the waterways are considerably lower than on land, especially in the background, a just in the early stages closed cold chain.

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