Cold storage report of the USDA for the Feb 2015

US cold storage report with bearish surprise

The monthly inventory of cool camps the U.S. Department stores existing stocks of meat with date 28 Feb 2015 has strong surprise caused. Double-digit increases in stock , compared with the previous year and a further increase to the previous month Jan-2015, exceeded all expectations.

Higher inventories were already found in the month of Jan 2015. Usually rise at this time meat stocks on a scale from + 2 to + 3% for the purpose of stockpiling for the BBQ season.

There are significant differences between the different types of meat. 

Higher growth rates were in the pork with + 5% compared to the previous year to expect, but the increase of month Jan. 15 on the month Feb. 2015 with + 15% exceeded but the highest expectations.

The increasing numbers of battle and the increased slaughter weights at the pigs have contributed to this result.  A higher sale was secretly been expected. Now, it is clear that significant amounts in the freezers are landed.

When the beef , it is reversed. The meat stocks are + 20% increased compared with the previous year, have but the month Jan.-15 no longer changed.

The poultry meat with the exception of Turkey meat increased inventories by + 8% compared with the previous year. But the breadth of the individual sections ranging from the cheap wings-24% to the expensive parts of the chest with + 30% respectively compared to the previous year. Whole roast chicken with + 30% have significantly increased compared to previous month Jan 2015.

The Turkey meat stocks have between 4 and 15% increases.

The strong build-up of inventories by 10% on average over the five-year averages already will rely heavily meat prices in the United States for the next few months in the Feb one year under pressure.

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