Comparison of the production costs of pork production

Germany produced the second highest production costs - Brazil has the lowest cost of producing pork

The BPEX - a division of the English agricultural and horticultural development fund has published a "pigs production cost report" for 2013.

The highest production costs per kg slaughter weight in the top quarter were found in Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Ireland.

In the Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are second highest quarter.

Below-average production costs in the 3rd quartile were found in the countries of Canada, Spain and the United States.

The Brazil has lowest cost in comparison of the selected countries.

Especially the feed costswere decisive for the level of production costs. There was a difference of just over 100%between the lowest (Brazil) and highest expenses (Italy) for the feed. Pork producers have the lowest costs in the as Brazil but with low cover of corn and soy, have a comparatively high other Kostenbealstung, which among other things can be found in the logistics of the slaughter industry.  

Germany falls on slightly above-average food costs.  A good feed conversion partly compensates the high price of animal feed of the year 2013. The additional costs and the financing expenses in Germany is at the top. High environmental and construction requirements are hidden behind it.  Measured at average EU prices German production costs 2013 even slightly higher in the good year of price. However include the German pig prices to the highest in the EU.

Production costs are partially offset again in different countries by different high prices . The export business the marketing market areas again particularly in the weight cost. This is the case for example for Brazil. Generally you can determine that themselves are reflected in different high payout prices varying production costs. This is guaranteed but not always and in every case.

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