Denmark: sows stock is again slightly smaller

Denmark: results of the cattle count from 1 July 2015

The quarterly annual livestock census in Denmark as of 1 July 2015 has delivered an increase of 1.4% pig compared to the date of the previous year .

It takes the group to the decreasing number of slaughter pigs over 50 kg out, an increase of + 3% to the previous year is calculated. Mid-August 2015 for average weight gain, the pigs weighing over 50 kg at the time of the cattle count half the battle hooks are already landed so that only the rest for the next month on the market.

The development of under 50 kg pigs for fattening livestock census date with a growth rate of + 4.7% is all the more significant. These animals are increasingly appear on the market in two months and so that in the months of Sept Oct 2015 determine offering battle. 

The stock category of the pigletsthat quarter to the end of the IV become butcher, should increase only by 0.7%.

The Sauenzahlen go depending on the existing category of pregnant, leading pig sows between - 0.5 and - 2.1% back. Particularly noticeable is with - 2.1% decline of the first sow. The surmise that the weak pig and piglet prices have taken a reduction in inventory.  

Comparing the development of the population to the livestock census on April 1, 2015 is a restocking of rd. 12,000 sows at the sows or rd.  0.5% visible. This is in line with the usual seasonal magnification to early summer. Experience has shown that the stocks of sows for autumn winter be restricted again. The full-year effect of reduced numbers of sows could then come back to the fore.

The cattle count result shows that will be since 3 years lasting process of higher numbers of sows in Denmark for the time being stopped . Given the current and future development of sales, a reduction in inventory corresponds to the visible market conditions.  Market relief is urgently needed, takes his time to take effect.

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