Denmark's battle figures on the return March

Denmark: less own slaughter in the country - rising exports of pig

With the exception of the year 2011, the battle figures in Denmark go back. Several slaughter houses have been closed already due to not load. More consolidations pending in the near future.

The boundaries of the livestock, which are provided by environmental protection regulations are fundamental background.  The capacity limit of the country is achieved. The pig farming as a whole is launched in Denmark for quite some time on its ceiling. With the help of a restructuring in the direction of increased pig production capacity of pigs should be exploited better. Pole barns converted for producing piglets.  

Despite reducing the Lebendexporte of pigs and sows in direction Germany from about 1 million in 2008 to 410.000 in 2015, the battle figures fall.

The result is a piglet surplus in Denmark, in the last 10 years to about 12 million PCs is grown.  The surplus piglets are exported to nearby EU landlocked countries with a focus on Germany and Poland.

For the year 2015, it is estimated an annual number of battle of 18.9 million Schcry, which should be higher around 100,000 animals than in the previous year.  Slaughter of more than 22 million pieces in the past few years belong to the past.

Due to the livestock census in the 1st quarter year 2016 with about 4.8 million slaughter, which turn out lower than in the same period last year to approximately 150,000 pigs expected. Highs will be in future not be reached in previous years from 5.6 million slaughter in a quarter of a year.

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