Denmark's pork exports contend despite Russia import lock

Denmark's pork exports are vital

Denmark has a degree of self-sufficiency in pork by 650%. Survival important for the Danish pig industry is a powerful marketing in all potential foreign markets. The figures below refer to the period from Jan to Sept, to allow a possible timely viewing.

Two-thirds of Danish exports go to the Member States of the European Union. Main importer is Germany with a volume before approximately 450,000 t or approximately 30%.

In the increasingly Poland becomes a growing importer of pork from Denmark, because the local power supply always goes back.  

The Danish exports to Britain are however declining; the traditional supplies of bacon can no longer increase. Blanks for the special English demand stabilize the export volume in the order of 100,000 t.   

The sales share in all other EU Member States remains relatively constant. Among them include importing countries such as Italy, but also France and Sweden.

The third country of export has yielded significantly under the influence of Russian import alert. Annually, approximately 85,000 to just under 100,000 tonnes for Russia were transported in the past. The latest goes to zero.

By contrast, rising Danish exports to China/Hong Kong to 40,000 t since 2010 and reach 2014 about 170,000 t in the period from Jan to Sept This ensures a partial compensation for the loss of Russia's exports.

However, the export to Japan as a result of the North American competition is much more difficult. Earlier volumes of over 150,000 tonnes per year no longer obtainable recently at 90,000 t up to 110,000 tons. For 2014 a significant increase to 115,000 looming but, after U.S. prices as a result of PEDv disease is significantly increased.

The missing Russia-export requires the Danish pork industry efforts to find outlets all over the world. The scattered and intensive trade relations the Danish meat industry and find sales opportunities in the EU, as well as on third-country markets.

Total moves, the export in stable orbits in the order of 1.5 million t. Danish pig industry has reached the limit of the capabilities of the country due to the limited areas. If the current level is to stabilize, that can be booked as a success already.

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