Despite extravagant prices persistently high slaughter weights in the United States

Still high slaughter weight in U.S. pigs

The carcass weight increase in U.S. pigs intended originally as compensation for missing animals as a result of PEDv plague continues still. Last year 2014 lacked approx. 15% piglets that were due to the deadly diarrhea for the mast not available. High U.S. prices between 1.70 and €2 per kg, it made economic sense to make more difficult the lower number of fattening animals equal in two ways. In this way, much more Scchweinefleisch per carcass fell and thus reduced the potential loss. On the cost side, high slaughter rates allow an increase in the Mastendgewichte, although significantly worsens the feed efficiency and the rotation rate at the stables.

The Bill no longer so easily goes low or falling rates to the 1.20 to €1.30 per kg. However the feed prices have dropped in the meantime significantly, so that a relief of the extra costs for the higher weights of this side to help out.

As far as the persistently high Mastendgewichte are explained, moving between 5 and 7 kg carcass weight above the level of earlier unloaded years.

However, it is assumed that in the course of year the weights vary. During the warm summer, the values usually fall to several kilograms, while they remain in the cold season than the annual average.

The year 2015 began with the continued of above-average weights of battle still above the values by 2014. However, there are signs a reduction. The messages of the weekly new cases of PEDv in the United States will be an essential driving force. The numbers on a moderate level of between 100 and scarce 150 new outbreaks in the critical phase of Feb and March move compared to the previous year with up to 300 cases a year.   

Market experts fear a great range of US pork, because in addition the sow housing rd 4.6% has been increased. If at the same time more new piglets and more surviving piglet with increased slaughter weights on the market. Will domestic demand be overwhelmed. So urgent will be the export, but by the high dollar rate is handicapped among. Therefore, expected price pressures in the United States in pork prices depending on the output of PEDv disease and the development of the average weights of the battle.  On export competition, the EU market affected will be considered.

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