EU pig price comparison - root cause analysis

Comparison of pig prices in selected EU Member States

In the single market of the EU, pigs are basically traded according to uniform rules. Yet according to the conditions in the Member State of pig prices come out.

First Invoicing and classification procedures in individual countries are regulated differently. To compare the prices, corrections are to install, performed according to the proven ISN pattern. Even if the last intricacies of such corrections are still lacking, the results allow at least a basic orientation.  

The different rates in the major producer regions are largely the result of country-specific circumstances. Spain as the second-largest production area should have actually the lowest prices with a self-sufficiency rate of over 100% as a surplus area. That is not the case during the summer but because 5 million holidaymakers contribute that meat sales in the holiday period runs above average. In the winter period, Spain has the problem to use pork with the help of exports every year. In the winter are the Spanish courses always below the level of other countries. Also of note if not missing, that the animal feed prices in Spain due to the high demand for import to 25% are higher.

French pork prices rank 2nd. The country achieved just the self-sufficiency mark of 100%. Comparatively present structures in Brittany with the highest pig density in France require a higher price level. French imports from other countries are slightly expanded.

Denmark has a self-sufficiency level of 650%. In principle, only a battle company dominated the market as a whole. The Danish rates are still regularly in the upper midfield.  The powerful international marketing of the Danish pork industry offsets the high transportation costs from the marginal area in the EU internal market and in third countries to a considerable extent. However, Denmark gets regularly then difficult to maintain his position if the third-country export falters. This is the case at present by the Russian import ban. Yet can hold Denmark is astonishingly high.

Dependent is Germany with a degree of self-sufficiency of almost 110% on the export. The Russia lock applies here as well. The typical situation of in Germany in the middle of Europe, and surrounded by export-oriented neighbours led to produce a tough competition in a wealthy country. The meat processing companies wrought in the domestic can immediately be undermined with cheap offers from Denmark, Holland and Belgium. On the other hand few powerful companies have emerged in Germany, who are in the position to organize the not easy business of exports to Italy, in the Central and Eastern European countries, as well as in the global regions of the third country.

German pork prices are usually sets the tone for the other areas. However, the latest developments show that an unbridled pricing limits. This is always the case if in addition to selling difficulties in export still sales problems in its domestic business.

Low pork prices in the Netherlands related to the high surplus situation, the need to export in a limited efficient battle industry under high environmental requirements. Similar difficult conditions are to be found in Belgium.

High pork prices in Italy are well below 70% to the falling level of self-sufficiency. During the holiday season, the alien effect depends regularly above.

Without substitution failed Russia export in the longer term will lead to an adjustment process, in which the more competitive locations will prevail. Here, the criteria of consumer, animal and environmental protection play a significant role. Who can satisfy the conditions in this respect economically preferred, is likely among the survivors.

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