EU: pig slaughter to decrease gradually in the course of the year 2016.

Commission: quarterly remove pig slaughter 2016.

The Commission and the Advisory Board for the pork market basis of the livestock census results have precalculated on the possible history of pig slaughter in any single quarter in 2016.

In the 1 1.7% Quarterly are more slaughter have fallen to as in the same period of last year. This number corresponds to the actual observations are available in major production areas, which indicated the steady.

In the 2nd quarter this year , the battle figures should to +1.4% over the previous year.  According to the previous history in April, this forecast to confirm seems. But it will be still very on the months of May and June. Finally, expect a seasonal increase in prices, standing next to the barbecue effect also with below-average battle offers in connection in these two months.

In the 3rd quarter of the year from July to September 2016, the slaughter will only +0.3% on the previous year. The holidays and holiday periods, which are usually unfavorable to the demand fall into this period. Superimposed on the holiday effect provided by the barbecue effect, because the weather plays along. Normally, the daily increases in the pigs due to the temperatures are slightly lower, so from this point of view the offer less big. However, the decline in the number of piglets should be decisive if it is assumed that the number of sows in the EU 2% has declined.

The projected decline in the 4th quarter of the year with 2,4% battle is surprisingly high. Usually, more pigs are slaughtered in the long period of the 4th quarter. However the justification may be that the decline in the number of sows with a lower pig supply is only manifested fully in this period of time.

Experts on average expect an increase of 0.2%, a number that can be located in the Darling fault area but for the year 2016 . In contrast was the annual generation by 2015 an increase of 2.6%. If the forecast proves correct, is to proceed from a slowdown in the EU pork market in the course of the year 2016.

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