EU pigmeat market until 2017 with little change

EU pork production 2017--rather more than less follow the pork production to change 2016 and 2017 little the recent documents of the European Commission in the two years. The production is designed by t 23,35 million to 23.4 million. slightly increase. There are different developments in the individual Member States. Spain further among the countries that expansion, while Netherlands and show clear signs of supply reductions Denmark. In Germany, no major changes should be expected.

The production development takes place on the basis of a continued decline in the stocks of sows. The effect of declining numbers of sows will be trapped by rising pig performance and higher slaughter weights in those Member States, still considerably less than 90 kg per mortem. Spain includes among others with 85 kg carcass weight. The number of sows take particularly strong in medium - and osteueropäischen countries down.

The domestic consumption of pork should stop the years remain constant at approximately 21.2 million tonnes on average. There are shifts between the Eastern European countries with a growing per capita consumption and the Western Member States with a clear decline in consumption.

The increasing difference between domestic demand and supply is balanced over an increasing third-country exports . Calculated on the basis of carcass weight EU exports should exceed significantly the 2.2 million tons mark. The EU dependency on exports is increasingly larger. With approximately 10%, the percentage but still well above the 20% export share in the United States. The Americans run approximately 2.1 million tonnes of pork, produce but also just over 11 million tonnes.

Export figures on a product weight basis will be significantly higher. It is a significant impact on the different sections and the degree of processing.

In the face of China's growing import needs it should not be difficult, the additional EU export volumes under spend. Crucial, however, is that the competitiveness of the EU in the export business is maintained. This included an offer price level that can keep taking into account exchange rates and freight rates with the United States.

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