EU pork exports to a difficult restructuring phase

EU pork exports: Russia's imports are missing, sets out China.

For the time being, constantly increasing in the past decade pork exports of the EU to the relief of the domestic market belong to the past. Yet in the year 2013, exports about 3 million tonnes product weight reached. The export amounts to 2.9 or 2.8 million tonnes fell after the import ban of Russia in the year 2014.  The average export earnings is €1.90 / kg, i.e. it's mostly less valuable pieces of pork.  Valuable fresh meat is more than twice as high, not suitable but for export.

The absence of Russian share of 780,000 tonnes could be only partially replaced by rising imports in other countries. The EU export volumes reach to China Although remarkable volume, but the export value with € 1.30 / kg is considerably smaller than the after Russia with €1.85 / kg.

The earlier high quantities to Hong Kong have been cut in half.  Thereby, it remains unclear what quantities of goods on the open borders are channelled.

Increasing EU pork exports go to Japan. also if the quantities within limits, for the export value over €3.30 / kg sales is significantly higher.

South Korea and the Philippines have among other things  as a result of the sustained health problems doubled their imports from the EU to approximately 400,000 tonnes. The export earnings are in the or slightly above average.

The EU exports to many small importing countries were about 30% increase. The export market must be made accessible by high costs and pushed forward against the competition.  


For the year 2015 , an export volume of 2.85 million tons calculated on the basis of exports in the first five months. It is not to exclude that China seeks to further increases in imports in view of its difficulties at home. However, the recent economic troubles suggest that the financial situation is no longer quite so cheap as in the past.

The EU has the advantage of a weak currencycompared to its major competitors in North America, so that an appropriate import demand quite exist opportunities for further export increases.  Focuses on the Asian market.

On Russia, you can no longer count in this context.

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