EU pork exports pick up again

EU pork exports to Russia shock on the rise again

With the Russia import ban on pork from the EU and other selected Western countries, a demand loss of approximately 0.75 million tonnes or 12% was lost worldwide. The EU vast parts was affected. An EU self-sufficiency pig prices by about 110% fall by an average level at about €1.65 / kg on values to the €1.40 per kg. Low cost prices and a weak euro were on the other hand favourable conditions in the global competition to conquer new markets.

During the year 2014 is still an export decline in the amount of average -5% had to cope with, it features I. quarter 2015 an increase of + 8.7% for the sale of weight off.  The average prices remained virtually unchanged to the previous year, there are but 5 ct / kg under the results of 2 years ago. Value export 2013 has not yet been achieved.

After the failure of Russia's supplies in other importing countries have grown significantly. High export growth in the first quarter 2015 amounting to additional 50,000 t or 31% are for China . Excluding Hong Kong, of Chinese total imports from the EU amounted to 220,000 t. These are RD 20% of all China's pork imports. The average value at € 1.31 per kg is classified but not particularly price support. The Hong Kong Branch got delivered, however, 28,000 t or 30% less from the EU.

South Korea more EU pork imported additional 27,500 t or + 61% than in the same period of the previous year.  In contrast to the Japanese import figures not easily remained behind last year's levels. While the Japanese market with average revenues of €3.42 / kg is particularly interesting. Knows the competition in Canada and United States.

The Philippines purchased more and more pork from the EU in recent years. However, the additional volumes with nearly 3,500 t significantly behind other areas left behind.

Some extraordinary developments are worth noting.  Australia boosts its pork imports from the EU by 75% to a total of just under 20,000 tonnes. The imports of Ivory Coast with 30% to a total of 13,500 t are a considerable boost for African conditions.

A lot of 145,000 t pork with different cuts and processed products be sent in a variety of smaller import countries. Other EU exports, after all, represent the second largest position in the scale of export to China.

Pending the EU just ahead of the United States for the year 2015 1 place of the leading pork exporting countries.

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